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May 4, 2017

Infinity Studio Rental

For a limited time only, we are offering use of our infinity wall studio located in the heart of L.I.C. For a low price of $25 an hour!! Included in the hourly rental are 2 strobe light soft boxes. The infinity room creates a very polished and professional look on camera, allowing the subject to be the focal point.

Our infinity wall studio is 20FT x 20FT with an 18FT ceiling. The walls are built-in to a half circle, meaning all the corners on the floor are rounded. This is to prevent shadows in the hard corners, providing a large and consistent zone in which to place your subject. In the infinity room, not only is amazing lighting easy to achieve, but it also delivers sharp portraits with a beautifully clean and uniform background without any visible seams or edges.

For inquiries or more information regarding rental of studio space please call: 718-392-3858

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